David L. Thelen
Music and Speech Teacher, Guidance Counselor, McPherson County High School
David Thelen Specializes in Music Education

David Thelen serves as a music and speech teacher, and as a guidance counselor at McPherson County High School in Tryon, Nebraska. Utilizing his extensive skill set, which includes an emergent proficiency in music, Mr. Thelen coordinates music programs, oversees the speech and drama department, and helps students to prepare for college. Mr. Thelen assists students with issues that they may have in their academic or personal lives. He counsels them in their pursuits of scholastic and individual excellence, and provides for them an outlet through which they can express their inquisitiveness about their futures. Mr. Thelen helps students to focus on their strengths, and bring their aptitude to the surface in several areas of academia. 


Mr. Thelen serves as a resource for McPherson County High School students, in that he supports them in their goals of achieving success. He gives them opportunities to develop and enhance their talents as speakers and drama enthusiasts by ensuring that the departments offer programs that adequately challenge the students. Mr. Thelen is an award-winning professional who continues to strive for excellence as a teacher and counselor.


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David Thelen
McPherson County High School
P.O. Box 38
Tryon, NE 69167
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